Unusual Bitcoin Charts To Lay Your Eyes On

Are you also tired of gazing at the BTC/USD chart? It’s high time to switch up your graph game and divert your attention elsewhere. You can measure your bitcoin metrics in different ways and one of the ways is using fiat currency as a baseline reference.

Entering uncharted territory

Charting- foreseeing an asset’s future path is based on existing movement, volume, and signals. But even the traders with a lot of experience scuffle to apply Technical Analysis to the following graph. Once you enter the world of Lambo/BTC pricing, moving averages and Bollinger bands are of little use. These emerging charts give you a fun way of evaluating the world’s favorite cryptocurrency.

WTF is the Bitcoin price

Making use of this F-word is not something big or clever, but it does command attentiveness. Visit Bitcoin site and it is so simple to use that a fourth grader can easily code it. Thus, if you want a fast bitcoin price check and with no F-ing, it makes your job easy.

Bitcoins per person

Let the price of bitcoin be divided by the number of people in the world, now convert sum to USD and here you are with the current value of around $40. So if a large-scale wealth redistribution is to take place, this is how much BTC everyone would own. But this is not Communist Russia, thus, it is not going to happen anytime soon. Though, Bitcoin Per Person gives you a convenient indicator of the extent to which a smart and sharp digital world could gather their own bitcoin savings.

Lambo/BTC is the site that unveils the present ratio of BTC to the crypto community’s favoured meme machine. Once one bitcoin pairs up with one Lamborghini Aventador you’ll come to know that you have made it. Till then, keep the trading prudently and hold it hard.

TX Highway

This graph is the best visual graph. This has been created by a bitcoin cash supporter, therefore, the core fans are recommended not to visit this link. TX Highway gives you a highly captivating representation of the speed at which the BCH network moves with a high speed as compared to that of a congested fraternal fork. If the other graphs are highly amazing then this one is really mesmerizing.

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5 cheapest US states for Bitcoin Mining

To arrange the best profitable operation is very important for a miner just like every kilowatt-hour counts. As little as a cent per kWh is able to differentiate between a mining farms being achievable. For U.S bitcoin miners it is now easy to choose where to set up shop and it is all because of the research work that tells the cheapest states for mining.

Great rates in the Pelican state

Louisiana present between Mississippi and Texas is barely synonymous with cryptocurrency or surely anything tech-related.

In the Southeastern U.S, the average cost of mining one bitcoin has been estimated at $3,224 which is around $280 less than Arkansas and that is why it makes a 5th place on the list. In between, reversely, comes Tennessee, Washington and Idaho. These differences in price might look slight, but over the year, the potential profits can briskly build up. For those, main highlight is that location is everything, the report has also researched the most expensive U.S. states for mining cryptocurrency.

The research work which has been done by the miners are aware of that New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Alaska and Hawaii are off-limits. Eventually, the average mining cost of one coin has been priced almost $9,500 or you can say three times that of Louisiana. In order to gather information about the location for bitcoin mining, entrepreneurs generally look for plentiful supplies of inexpensive hydropower. The Sidney A. Murray. Jr. Hydroelectric Station, in Louisiana, has the greatest wealth of water-generated power.

Mining in the Southeast’s melting pot

One of the ideal features of U.S. utility companies is that, when it comes to assessment, they try to keep their rates less than what it costs to generate power and more on what the market can bear. This is the reason why affluent states like Washington and New Hampshire are inappropriate to bitcoin mining and Louisiana is a top pick. The state is an epitome of Jazz, bohemian vibes, and rich culture. Louisiana has got soul and spirit in spades. Most importantly, it is best in bitcoin mining in terms of plentiful supply of cheap power.

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The Satoshi Revolution: Wall Streeting Bitcoin

The only tried excuse of government is blaming the free market and indulging in such situations that would resolve themselves normally.

Government and crony capitalists create a mess of the free market which is a reliable scapegoat. Because of the repeated accusation and the surface credibility, many people believe in the turpitude of the marketplace. It cannot be denied that financial awful things happen to people in the free market.

A free market is the one where people exchange with each other without any state or any other kind of force which includes frauds as well. Here some individuals act badly as well as human beings make choice on occasion. But every bad behavior does not involve force or fraud.

Example, opportunists may play vulnerable and can convince them to make a bad investment but without misrepresenting them; and due to the foolish behavior of some individuals, the investor does not perform due diligence.

If any force or threat would have been there, then there will not be any real true exchange possible which would ultimately cease the free market act which makes it a criminal one. The free market resolves criminal behavior by redressing and ruination of the criminal’s reputation by a court system.

This does not reflect any market failure, it is the reflection of human tendency which would threaten any economic system. Human beings are fallible, and some are given to vicious behavior.

Individual choices collectively make any free market coming from an almost infinite number of motives upon which no ban is passed if the expression is peaceful and not fraudulent. As a result, people tend to act in their own rational self-interest. But some minority acts like dumb or like rogues.

It is not about the perfection or imperfection of the free market. No human arrangement is utopia. What we need to know is if there is any other alternative. To be on point, the question arises does the central government contain more or less force and fraud than a free market?

Under a free market, an individual has assessed to situations and decide the best for themselves. Individual learn from its experiences and mistakes. Through this, the individual can take control of their own lives.

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The World’s First Bitcoin Lottery is offering a 1,000 BTC Bounty

Those who are not pushing themselves for buying bitcoin sooner has a novel way to compensate. Ireland is known to be one of the best lottery operators offers a bitcoin bounty worth millions of dollars. Entrant, those who are not limited to the Republic of Ireland, in exchange for picking six number, will be moving into a draw whose present jackpot stands at 1,035 BTC.

Play with fiat, win with Bitcoin

2013 is the year when Lottoland, one of Ireland’s best-known lottery operators was established. But they fall in the controversial situation when it was revealed that they are allowing punters to bet on lotteries held in other jurisdictions like America’s Powerball and Europe’s Mega Millions. However, the company has earned a sizeable market share in the Emerald Isle which was helped by its witty marketing strategies.

Lottoland on its launch of its own bitcoin lottery is taking money advantage on cryptocurrencies that are sweeping the world, with bitcoin at the head of the charge. From Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm GMT, there comes a daily draw which has 1,000+ BTC jackpot to grasp. You have to match all the six numbers of the card to scoop the USD $18 million bonanzas, though smaller payouts can also win. One out of seven bets will achieve a prize of the same kind.

Nocoiner no more

Players those who are fortunate in wining will have to face some difficulties: either accept your prize in fiat currency or your bitcoin wallet would directly get the sum as a cryptocurrency. Lottoland has been enjoying great success of around $355m with more than 300 employees and around 6 million customers and many stays outside Ireland.

“Bitcoin is a worldwide phenomenon and lottoland is giving our customers the opportunity to get involved in the big league”, said company’s Irish country manager Graham Ross.

Bitcoin and betting are connected closely for a long time and Satoshidice hi/lo gambling site is one of the first applications for spending the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the digital wallet that has attained traction at a number of ‘provably fair’ cryptocurrency casinos, many sportsbooks and online casinos have added BTC as a deposit and withdrawal option. Whether any of the winners, suddenly have to face a million dollar downfall, will be courageous enough to take it all in bitcoin remains to be seen. For many of the investors today, along with the price of one bitcoin lottoland’s offer is sure to attract interest. The odds might be marginal, but the possibility of going from nocoiner to bitcoin thousandaire is certainly alluring.

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