Are you also tired of gazing at the BTC/USD chart? It’s high time to switch up your graph game and divert your attention elsewhere. You can measure your bitcoin metrics in different ways and one of the ways is using fiat currency as a baseline reference.

Entering uncharted territory

Charting- foreseeing an asset’s future path is based on existing movement, volume, and signals. But even the traders with a lot of experience scuffle to apply Technical Analysis to the following graph. Once you enter the world of Lambo/BTC pricing, moving averages and Bollinger bands are of little use. These emerging charts give you a fun way of evaluating the world’s favorite cryptocurrency.

WTF is the Bitcoin price

Making use of this F-word is not something big or clever, but it does command attentiveness. Visit Bitcoin site and it is so simple to use that a fourth grader can easily code it. Thus, if you want a fast bitcoin price check and with no F-ing, it makes your job easy.

Bitcoins per person

Let the price of bitcoin be divided by the number of people in the world, now convert sum to USD and here you are with the current value of around $40. So if a large-scale wealth redistribution is to take place, this is how much BTC everyone would own. But this is not Communist Russia, thus, it is not going to happen anytime soon. Though, Bitcoin Per Person gives you a convenient indicator of the extent to which a smart and sharp digital world could gather their own bitcoin savings.

Lambo/BTC is the site that unveils the present ratio of BTC to the crypto community’s favoured meme machine. Once one bitcoin pairs up with one Lamborghini Aventador you’ll come to know that you have made it. Till then, keep the trading prudently and hold it hard.

TX Highway

This graph is the best visual graph. This has been created by a bitcoin cash supporter, therefore, the core fans are recommended not to visit this link. TX Highway gives you a highly captivating representation of the speed at which the BCH network moves with a high speed as compared to that of a congested fraternal fork. If the other graphs are highly amazing then this one is really mesmerizing.


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