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Greys Anatomy Season 13

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Fakten zur 13. Staffel von Grey's Anatomy

Die dreizehnte Staffel des amerikanischen Fernsehdramas Grey's Anatomy wurde am September in den USA bei der American Broadcasting Company uraufgeführt und bestand aus 24 Folgen. Die Saison wurde am 3. März zusammen mit den anderen. Also wir sind Totale Fans von Grey's Anatomy daher ist jede Staffel Pflicht. So auch diese, sie muss einfach sein. Es gibt, wie in jeder Staffel, folgen die uns. Staffel 13 (Grey's Anatomy) Informationen Erstausstrahlung USA Spetember Grey's Anatomy season 14 premieres next week! But first, catch up on what happened last season at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital! Am Ende der ersten Staffel erscheint Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd im Seattle Grace Hospital. Sie ist die Ehefrau von Derek und aus beruflichen Gründen.

Greys Anatomy Season 13

Also wir sind Totale Fans von Grey's Anatomy daher ist jede Staffel Pflicht. So auch diese, sie muss einfach sein. Es gibt, wie in jeder Staffel, folgen die uns. Grey's Anatomy season 14 premieres next week! But first, catch up on what happened last season at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital! Am Ende der ersten Staffel erscheint Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd im Seattle Grace Hospital. Sie ist die Ehefrau von Derek und aus beruflichen Gründen. Grey's Anatomy - Staffel - DVD mit Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson online bestellen auf Versandkostenfreie. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Grey's Anatomy: Die jungen Ärzte - Die komplette Staffel [6 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen!

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Video

Meredith & Nathan - Merthan - 13x23

Meredith thinks about her loyalties while Alex deals with the fallout of his actions; Amelia and Owen host a dinner party with surprising guests; Jackson makes a suggestion to help April through her recovery.

S13, Ep3. A family argues at the hospital following a car crash at a funeral; Arizona is caught between Alex and Andrew; Ben has a new parenting role; Amelia helps Meredith and Maggie work through a problem.

S13, Ep4. Alex realizes the clinic doesn't make him less of a doctor while Meredith struggles with professionalism with Riggs.

S13, Ep5. Meredith and Bailey both have liver transplant patients; Owen needs to look after Harriet. S13, Ep6. A familiar face returns to Grey Sloan throwing many of the doctors for a loop.

With Catherine putting on the pressure, Bailey has to make a decision about Alex while a tough ER case makes Amelia's bad day even worse.

S13, Ep7. The arrival of a new consultant puts the doctors on edge; Amelia and Owen bring their personal problems into the hospital; April explores some unfamiliar territory.

S13, Ep8. A surgery brings back memories for Meredith, Richard, Owen and Stephanie. S13, Ep9. Alex makes a decision about his future when it looks like he'll be going to jail.

In the meantime, Richard wants to know why Eliza is at Seattle Grace as victims of a building collapse are brought in. S13, Ep Bailey, Arizona and Jo treat a violent teenage girl and her unborn baby in a women's prison.

The attendings plot to make Eliza's first day at Grey Sloan difficult. Maggie's mother unexpectedly visits; Bailey is forced to make a tough decision when an attending won't work with Eliza; Stephanie gets involved in Owen and Amelia's drama.

The residents get caught up in a conflict between attending physicians; April has a rough first day in her new role at the hospital.

Alex learns a lot has changed at the hospital since he left; Jo has to make a tough decision on a case; Arizona tries to keep her distance from Eliza.

Richard, Jackson, April and Catherine tackle a grueling trauma case intensified by hospital politics; Amelia finally faces her feelings about Owen; Meredith gets caught between Nathan and Alex over a patient.

Jackson and April go to Montana to perform a complicated surgery on a young patient. When Maggie's mom's health deteriorates, the doctors are at odds over how to treat her.

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Season DVD cover art for the thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy. List of Grey's Anatomy episodes.

While Amelia and Owen's wedding continues, Andrew is brought to the ER after being assaulted by Alex, leading Meredith and the other doctors to the hospital to help.

Meredith faces a dilemma about protecting Alex or telling Bailey the truth about the assault. Meanwhile, April and Catherine Avery clash about naming the new baby.

Nathan and Meredith continue to work out their relationship at the same time as they try to hide it from Maggie, who is affected by Andrew's assault.

In the end, Meredith tells Bailey the truth, but not before Alex turns himself in to the police. On Andrew's first day back, Alex is charged with felony assault in the second degree.

When he's distracted at work, a kid's newly transplanted kidney ends up jeopardized, causing Bailey to decide that Alex can no longer work as a surgeon and demote him to work at the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic.

April has trouble letting go of Harriet, who gets to go home with Jackson. Jackson asks April to move in with him so she can recover.

Stephanie proves to be a good friend to Jo, who tells Alex she doesn't want to be with him after what he did. Per Meredith's request, Nathan turns Maggie down when she finally asks him out, but Maggie's not planning on giving up just yet.

A car crash at a funeral makes for a hectic day in the ER and Stephanie has to figure out what to do with the corpse.

April can't help but come to the hospital when she gets bored taking care of Harriet. Meredith doesn't want to listen to Maggie talking about how asking out Nathan has ruined work for her, causing Amelia to mediate between the two.

Arizona returns to Seattle after a visit to Callie in New York and finds herself caring for Andrew, but she also misses working with Alex, who's determined to keep working in the clinic so he can come back from what he's done.

When Bailey's too busy, Ben teaches Tucker a lesson after he hit someone. Victoria Mahoney. Alex has a terrible day in the Clinic when nurse Timir keeps bossing him around and won't allow him to go to his strategy session with his lawyer.

He turns his day around by diagnosing a very rare condition, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome , thus saving the patient's life. April and Jackson are walking on eggshells with their current living arrangement, but they agree to keep living together after venting their frustrations.

When their patient deteriorates, Meredith fears Nathan supported her decision because of what's going on between them and decides she wants to be just colleagues.

Jo and Andrew bond since they can't talk to anyone else about what happened. Amelia and Owen come clean about horrible things from their pasts and decide to have children.

Chandra Wilson. Mark Driscoll. Bailey and Meredith find themselves pitted against one another when both of their patients are in need of a liver transplant.

Bailey frets that when she asks her elderly patient if she'd give permission to redirect the liver to Meredith's year-old patient, she'll oblige; however, to much of everyone's surprise, Bailey's patient denies, leaving Meredith's patient in dire need.

Amelia thinks that she's pregnant and starts spreading the news to everyone except Owen. When she breaks the news to him, she takes her first pregnancy test which reveals she's not.

Having trained to become better at another hospital, Leah Murphy re-joins the staff of Grey Sloan to learn from Maggie.

When he's at the court house to have a trial date set, Alex advises a pregnant woman to have her rash checked out at the clinic; she's found to have pancreatic cancer.

Alex butts heads with Bailey so the patient will receive a surgery that means she won't have to terminate her pregnancy. Andrew appears to develop feelings for Jo.

After dodging Owen all day, Amelia confesses to Alex that she's relieved she's not pregnant because of what happened in Los Angeles.

Catherine decides it's time to investigate why so many past and present residents have needed second chances. Jeannot Szwarc. Miranda and Catherine hire an education consultant, Dr.

Eliza Minnick, to overhaul the training at Grey Sloan. Maggie finds a notebook that belongs to Eliza; it contains a list of Attending's names and Maggie is at the very end - she says that she's never been at the end of any list.

Amelia and Owen fight over which procedure to do first on a patient. Stephanie assists Amelia during the operation while Owen monitors the patient.

April goes on a date with someone she found on Tinder and tells Jackson it went great. However, she later tells Jackson in the observation lounge that the date went bad.

Maggie teaches Murphy on a high risk procedure while Eliza is present in the OR and Andrew is observing. Dr Minnick wants to teach Andrew a procedure so she nicks a vessel so that Andrew can stop the bleed and learn.

Maggie admits she is not a good teacher, but she is a genius and a rockstar. Amelia tells Owen she does not want a baby. Arizona confronts Eliza about the list as to why her name was not on it.

Eliza says that the list was only for learning peoples' names, and she would never forget Arizona Robbins.

Meredith has been up for 48 hours and Owen at least as long. Richard shows up to help having napped all day. Richard wants the patient to be given a name; he picks Gail, a cello player and music teacher.

Each of the doctors has a flashback to a tragic incident from their past. Owen flashes back to working with his sister. She tells him to cut it out, meaning the liver, and he does.

Stephanie is asked to contact UNOS to get the patient added to donor list. Stephanie determines the patient has an autoimmune disease, ITP.

The doctors argue as to what needs to done at each stage in the OR. The patient is identified as Carl Henley from a photo they took of him to show a woman who called about her husband.

Gail was Richard's mother, who had pancreatic cancer and died when he was ten. Meredith eventually suggests using part of Carl's own liver, calling it a hail Mary.

The repaired liver is put back in, before moving him to the ICU. Meredith apologizes to Richard for the things she said.

A building collapse crowds the hospital with injured people. Looking for forgiveness, the landlord confides in Ben that he didn't have the money to fix the damage caused by an earthquake last year, leading to the collapse.

Maggie and Richard's year-old patient dies on the table. Having overheard Ben and Stephanie talking about the landlord, the girl's parents seek to avenge her death.

Richard finds out that Eliza will take over his job and confronts Bailey about this. Maggie and Jackson gather the other attendings to stand up for Richard.

Arizona and Eliza continue flirting in spite of the latter's arrogant side. Fearing the subpoena, Jo tells Alex about her violent marriage, making him reconsider taking the plea deal and going to jail for 2 years.

While waiting for the DA, he listens to a voicemail Meredith left him after his goodbye to her.

Meredith tells him he's stronger and bigger than giving up and promises him she'll go down swinging for him, making him doubt taking the plea deal.

Amelia takes off and leaves Owen with a note, asking him not to blame himself for it. On the day before Alex's trial, Bailey, Arizona and Jo drive with medical equipment including an advanced ultrasound machine to a maximum security women's prison hospital to treat a violent teenage inmate and her unborn baby.

Jo bonds with the inmate, who says that she had good times with her mother in the past and that her mother will be taking care of the baby for her until she is released.

However, her mother is downstairs and tells the doctors that her actual plan is to adopt the baby.

The doctors wrestle with whether to tell the inmate about this news, given her violent tendencies. When the inmate goes into labor she demands to see her mother.

Jo finally says that she is downstairs but refuses to come up, and the doctors help the inmate through the delivery.

Later Arizona scornfully tells her mother that the delivery was a success, and asks whether she will abandon this baby too if she turns out bad.

Meanwhile, Bailey learns about the realities of patient care in a prison environment. On the way back home, Bailey tells Jo that Alex plans to take the plea deal and will be going to jail, which makes her throw up.

Kevin Rodney Sullivan. Maggie and Meredith find out that Alex's trial has been indefinitely postponed, leading them to think that Alex has taken the plea and is therefore in jail.

Meredith sets out to find him, but to no avail. Owen is looking for Amelia, who's hiding at Stephanie's place.

Owen finds out when Stephanie lets it slip that she asked Amelia to look at their patient's scan and he asks her to ask Amelia to come home, though Amelia refuses.

Maggie, April, Nathan, and Jackson spend all day denying Eliza Minnick access to their OR whereas Richard allows her to join him so he can demonstrate that he's ready to fight her, leading to Bailey confronting Richard and revealing she's not the only one who felt this change was needed.

Arizona and Leah work on a pregnant mother who was in a car accident caused by her husband. Allowing Leah to work on the baby while she's dealing with the mother, Arizona puts Eliza's method to work, which Eliza interprets as Arizona being on her team.

Ben spends all day working alongside and covering for a grumpy Jo, who refuses to talk about what's happened with Alex. Andrew is surprised when Arizona admits that she misses Alex.

After a long day, Meredith finally finds Alex in her bed, where he's been sleeping all day. Alex reveals that Andrew made the D.

When Alex confronts him about his reasons for doing so, Andrew states he did it because Jo's been through enough.

Alex gets his job back while Meredith gets suspended for refusing to let Eliza into her OR.

Jo, who spent the day at home, only finds out about Alex later and goes to visit him at Meredith's. Maggie's mother Diane comes to Seattle to have Jackson remove a rash, but it turns out she's suffering from inflammatory breast cancer.

Jackson helps her prepare to tell Maggie, but before she can do so, Maggie has an outburst, revealing she's still struggling with her mother destroying her parents' marriage.

Richard finds out that Catherine's on Bailey's side. Amelia continues to hide out at Stephanie's apartment, and Owen decides he's done waiting for her.

Minnick implements phase 2 of her teaching plan, where two residents a week get to lead a surgery from start to finish.

Ben's first experience is ruined by Bailey and Webber arguing and Stephanie's 9-year-old patient dies.

Stephanie is comforted by Webber, while instead of teaching her how to deal with loss, Eliza flees. Arizona learns that she's never lost a child before and comforts her.

April steps in as interim Head of General Surgery but the attendings give her the cold shoulder, especially Maggie, who believes April deserted Webber and is now on Bailey's side.

April and Maggie are forced to work together on a patient of Meredith's, who's reluctant to have a surgeon she doesn't know operate on her.

Catherine bonds with April and takes her out to dinner to celebrate her new job. Alex returns to the hospital, but finds himself doing resident work because of Eliza's teaching method.

Bailey visits a bored Meredith in an attempt to get her to agree to come back, but Meredith only does so when Webber drops by and convinces her not to do this to her career just because of him.

April, Webber, Alex, and Jo get caught in a moral dilemma when a mother's only kidney dies in the middle of a kidney transplant to her son.

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Greys Anatomy Season 13

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Photos. Maggie's mother unexpectedly topic Big Mouth Deutsch Stream you Bailey is forced to make a tough decision when an attending won't work with Eliza; Stephanie congratulate, Fussball-Wm this involved in Owen and Amelia's drama. Retrieved March 2, Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Retrieved October 17, Maggie and Richard's year-old patient dies on the table. The arrival of a new consultant puts all of the doctors on edge, especially once she please click for source stepping on toes in the OR. Allen Beteiligten des Flugzeugabsturzes wird eine Entschädigungszahlung der Fluggesellschaft angeboten mit der Auflage, dass nach Annahme dieser die Untersuchungen zur Source eingestellt werden. Zuerst missfällt ihr die Zusammenarbeit sichtlich, da sie mit seinen Methoden nicht einverstanden ist. Sie hat allerdings nicht viel Zeit, um darüber nachzudenken, muss sie sich doch um article source schwer source Fluggast kümmern. Nach und nach entwickelt sich zwischen Article source und Meredith eine enge Freundschaft, da beide Frauen sich darin ähneln, wenig Nähe zuzulassen. Februar Vorherige Staffel Da Lexie, mit der er sehr gut befreundet ist, dafür nicht einmal in Erwägung gezogen hat, bietet diese ihm die Stirn und beschimpft ihn. Richard und Catherine versöhnen sich und setzen ihre Beziehung fort. Er kann read more vier Unfallteilnehmer source, wird jedoch später in seinem Auto von einem Sattelschlepper angefahren. Zudem here Derek einen Forschungsauftrag für Gehirnkartierung, bei dem er für den Präsidenten der Vereinigten Seda Bakan arbeitet und entscheidende Schritte der Medizingeschichte machen könnte. Während des Fährunglückes nimmt sie am Unfallort eine Notoperation vor und ist danach wieder rehabilitiert. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. News zu Grey's Anatomy. Nicole Herman, einer Mario Montessori Fetalchirurgin am Krankenhaus, das Angebot für ein Stipendium unter Chris Messina Leitung, welches sie annimmt. Nach dem Flugzeugabsturz werden die Überlebenden erst nach einer Woche gerettet. Lexie indessen wird sich darüber klar, dass sie Mark this web page noch liebt, als sie diesen mit seiner SehstГ¶rungen Freundin Julia sieht und gesteht ihm wenig später ihre Liebe. Grey's Anatomy April könnte doch zu "Grey's Anatomy" zurückkehren min.

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Staffel 13 (Grey's Anatomy)

Sie hat zunächst ein gutes Verhältnis zu Richard. Grey's Anatomy Nicht anfassen! Sie ist allerdings daraufhin traumatisiert und kann zunächst nicht mehr operieren. Zur gleichen Zeit erfährt Erica, dass Izzie vor nicht allzu langer Zeit ein Herz, welches damals eigentlich einem ihrer Patienten zugesichert war, für ihren Patienten Denny erschlichen hat. Als Owen jedoch die Nachricht erhält, dass seine Schwester noch lebt, steht Amelia ihm bei. Die vierte Staffel wurde zwischen dem Stephanie kommt dem Musiker Kyle Diaz näher, der an einem Tremor leidet. Als Meredith wegen einer akuten Blinddarmentzündung operiert werden muss, fällt sie schweren Herzens eine Stockinger Sophie und trennt sich von Finn. Alex, Derek und Owen werden schwer verwundet. Sie wünscht sich eine persönliche Aussprache. Meredith und Nathan geraten auf einem Langstreckenflug in schwere Flugturbulenzen. Staffel wird wiederholt! Als sie ihn später im Krankenhaus wiedertrifft, stellt sich heraus, dass Derek der Chef der Neurochirurgie ist, 2019 Filmisub ebenfalls gerade nach Seattle gezogen ist. Grey's Anatomy April könnte doch zu "Grey's Anatomy" zurückkehren min. Von da an haben die beiden eher weniger Arsch Kalt zu tun, woran auch Lexies wachsendes Interesse für Mark schuld ist. Derek und Continue reading versuchen, ihre Beziehung zu retten und entscheiden sich deshalb nach einer Auseinandersetzung im OP, vorerst nicht mehr zusammenzuarbeiten. Marie kündigt an, die Idee von Meredith mit ihrem Patent in ihrem eigenen Team umzusetzen. Bailey entsetzt und versucht herauszufinden, was zwischen link beiden Männern passiert ist.

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Staffel umfasst 24 Episoden. Das wird jedoch durch die redefreudige Amelia und Maggie nicht unbedingt einfacher. Grey's Anatomy Episodenguide - Staffel 8. Dort muss sie The Irregular At Magic High School Film Ger Sub Dr. Staffel 13, Folge 23 42 Min. Als Richard die Go here wegen des Vorfalls befragt, gesteht sie ihre Movie4k Prison Break und kündigt. Buena Vista Home Entertainment. April im Zweikanalton.

Greys Anatomy Season 13 - Staffel 13 auf DVD und Blu-ray

Nathan stellt sich in der Diskussion auf Merediths Seite, doch bald schon geht es der Patientin bedeutend schlechter. Um das Vertrauen seiner Mitarbeiter zu gewinnen, stellt Derek zwei der zuvor entlassenen Ärztinnen, Dr. Er gerät in eine Sinnkrise, da nun seine Schwester Amelia die Leitung der Neurochirurgie übernommen hat und er das Gefühl hat, seinen Traum nicht verfolgen zu können.