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Mutanten. Kategorienseite. Hier sind alle Mutanten aufgelistet. Als Mutanten zählen Quicksilver (X-Men) Jean Grey Mystique Wolverine Professor X Magneto. Hier eine Liste aller Mutanten Charaktere aus dem Marvel Universum. Hier werden unterschiedliche Charaktere, die etwas mit den X-Men Comics zu tun haben. Man kann Mutanten in sogenannte Stufen oder Klassen einteilen. bedeutet, dass die Mutanten mit Stufe 5-Fähigkeiten stärker sind als alle anderen Mutanten​. Ein gutes Beispiel dafür ist X-Men: Zukunft ist Vergangenheit. Dort wird auch die ganze Zukunft verändert. Shadowcat kann Leute bis zu einem Monat in die. Die X-Men [ˈɛksmen] sind eine Gruppe von Superhelden, die in Comics des Marvel-Verlages Die X-Men bilden eine Gruppe in der Welt der Mutanten – Menschen, die dank ihres besonderen Gencodes Anfangs tragen sie alle dieselbe blau-goldene Uniform mit Maske, und es wurde etabliert, dass sie alle einen sog.

X-Men Alle Mutanten

Während sich andere X-Men-Mutanten unsichtbar machen können, hat dieser hier Superkraft besteht darin, dass er drei Gesichter hat, die alle gleichermaßen. Man kann Mutanten in sogenannte Stufen oder Klassen einteilen. bedeutet, dass die Mutanten mit Stufe 5-Fähigkeiten stärker sind als alle anderen Mutanten​. Ein gutes Beispiel dafür ist X-Men: Zukunft ist Vergangenheit. Dort wird auch die ganze Zukunft verändert. Shadowcat kann Leute bis zu einem Monat in die.

Arclight could direct a wave of seismic energy by striking a victim with her hands or feet. Her hands give off a bright light upon impact.

The only real limitation to this ability is the time required to charge the object. The larger it is the more time it takes.

Most charging takes place through direct skin contact. The power of his explosions is dependent on the mass of the object he is charging.

Rictor has the ability to generate seismic energy vibrations from his hands. Generate extreme heat and produce flames from their body.

At more advanced stages of this power some can erupt constant fire around their whole body. Ash breathing out high temperature thermal material.

To generate sub zero temperatures, allowing them to generate ice and freeze objects. Advanced users with this power can even generate an organic icy covering over their skin.

Riptide is capable of creating and manipulating powerful winds of various sizes by spinning his hand.

Storm is one of the most powerful mutants and has demonstrated a plethora of abilities, most of which are facets of her power to control the weather.

Storm possesses the psionic ability to control all forms of weather over vast areas. She has been able to control both Earthly and extraterrestrial ecosystems on several occasions.

She can control the. She can incite all forms of meteorological tempests, such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, and hurricanes, as well as mist.

Her ability allows her to control the elements that cause weather phenomenon. She can dissipate such weather to form clear skies as well.

As an extension of her abilities, she can manifest lethal electric bolts from her fingers. Using wind currents she can also fly.

Whenever her powers are being used her eyes turn full white. She wrapped Donald Pierce in vines and grass trapping him on the ground, while she and the other children killed him.

He used it to charge a metal car, electrifying two of The Reavers. The ability to move, think and react at speeds well beyond human potential.

At peak levels, the user can move around the world as if it is in slow motion and some can even accelerate the speed of molecules. The speed level, ranges between mutants; Quicksilver can move so fast that time literally freezes around him, while Callisto's speed is much slower but still enabling her to move so fast she appears as a blur to normal humans.

Wolverine's body was in enhanced condition enabling him to run faster then even the peak human being, but not quite at an extraordinary or superhuman level.

Mutants with this power have bodies that are that are much stronger and tougher then humans. This allows them to lift more weight, hit harder and jump higher.

This ability also makes them more impervious to damage, however they are not indestructible. The level of strength also varies with each mutant, some display just above average strength while others posses massive superhuman level strength.

Wolverine can toss around normal humans with ease. Toad only posses strength in his legs allowing him to jump incredible heights and kick with superhuman force.

X was able to lift a massive armoured truck that had flipped over onto him. With the super strong muscles in their legs some mutants can jump at incredible heights and distances.

Toad can jump at least stories in a straight leap, Beast can pounce at least 20 feet and when Wolverine was released from Weapon X by Jean he was able to jump 10 feet into the air and attack a guard.

Colossus vs Juggernaut. User with this ability can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.

Beast can perform many tasks with his feet as easily as humans could do with their hands. Some mutants have animal like senses that function with superhuman accuracy.

Wolverine posses hearing and a sense of smell so accurate, they make him one of the best trackers alive even greater then some animals.

Nightcrawler can see perfectly in the dark due to his mutation. Warpath used his senses of sight and hearing to detect when sentinels were approaching.

Mutants with this ability have much stronger bodies, their muscles, bones and joints are far more durable then an average human making them more impervious to harm.

Quicksilver's body was immune to the impact and friction of his speed, and Wolverine's healing factor made him able to take any manner of pain such as bullets, fire, falls, explosions and excessive trauma.

The power to function for long periods of time without tiring or straining oneself. This power allows mutants to remain active for long periods of time, much longer then humans.

Mutants with healing factors don't receive strain due to their bodies constant regeneration. Jones claims that he doesn't sleep indicating his body has a superhuman stamina that keeps him from tiring.

User has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.

Apocalypse is able to enhance his reflexes to superhuman levels, as when he did in his brief battle with the supersonically fast Quicksilver, to see through the latter's movements and react to them, though this ability took several seconds to activate.

Mutants with this power can scream at super sonic levels strong enough to deafen humans, frighten animals and shatter glass.

This power is focused using superhuman vocal cords. Banshee displayed such control over this ability that he was capable of using supersonic waves to fly and while underwater he could use his scream like a sonar, to find a hidden submarine.

This is a common mutation allowing the mutant to regenerate when damage is done to their body, such as a cut, burn, stabbing, gunshot wound, blunt force trauma or broken limb.

Some mutants such as Deadpool can even regrow lost limbs. The healing can be instantaneous or it can take a few minutes or hours, it depends on the severity of the wound.

Those that have a Healing Factor, are forever young. Wolverine is well over hundred years old. Zero is also very skilled with most weapons usually sidearms , and is very perceptive of the situation around him.

For example, during the Nigerian mission, he was able to take out several guards by using his superhuman agility and reflexes in conjunction with his marksmanship.

It was also shown when he ran out of ammo, he could reload quickly while still moving. The ability to move and manipulate objects with only the power of their mind.

Jean Grey displayed masterful control enabling her to levitate herself, block teleporters and disintegrate people by pulling them apart by the molecules.

Jean Grey could simultaneously hold back an entire flood and lift the X-Men Jet. They begin targeting mutants, and eventually, families with the potential to have mutants.

By , the war with the Sentinels has created a dystopian world where most of mutantkind are gone and only the worst of humanity are left.

Relentlessly hunted by the Sentinels, the remainder of the X-Men allied with the Free Mutants to put an end to the Sentinels.

Using Shadowcat 's powers, Wolverine traveled back in time to in order to stop Mystique from killing Trask and causing the creation of the Sentinel Program.

As a result, the Sentinel Program was canceled and Trask was arrested for selling secrets to foreign governments, altering the future.

Magneto, Beast, and Mystique were caught battling each other on camera, their powers exposed to a crowd of onlookers. When Mystique saved the life of the United States president in Washington, her face became a symbol of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants by In doing so, she inadvertently triggered his awakening, allowing Apocalypse to roam through the streets of Cairo.

Upon rescuing a mutant street orphan known as Storm, Apocalypse learned that humans have become the dominant species on the planet.

Believing them to be "false gods", he decided to assemble a team of powerful mutants to act his " Four Horsemen " in his quest to wipe out humanity.

Apocalypse convinced Storm, Psylocke , Angel , and Magneto to join his crusade against humanity, enhancing their powers to their full potential.

When Charles Xavier attempted to reason with Magneto using Cerebro , Apocalypse took control of Charles and disarmed the world of its nuclear weapons using the latter's telepathic powers.

He then had his Horsemen kidnap Charles in the hopes of using the professor as his next host. To transfer his consciousness into Charles' body, Apocalypse created a pyramid to facilitate the ritual.

He instructed Magneto to cause magnetic disturbances on Earth that will result in mass destruction and the extinction of humankind.

In the midst of transferring his consciousness to Charles, a few of the mutants of Xavier's School - lead by Mystique and Beast - battled Apocalypse's Horsemen to save the professor.

Though they are successful in saving Charles, Apocalypse's power proved to be too great when he battled Charles on the astral plane.

Weakened, Charles called out to his student Jean Grey and convinced her to unleash the full extent of her powers.

Through the combined attack of the mutants and two of his former Horsemen, Storm and Magneto respectively, Apocalypse's physical and mental form is obliterated by Jean's power.

After the mansion is rebuilt from being destroyed during Apocalypse's kidnapping of Charles, Mystique and Beast took on the responsibility of training the students who helped vanquish Apocalypse.

They become the next generation of X-Men. At some point before and during , Transigen and it's partner Alkali covertly implemented a new program to eradicate the mutants.

In order to stop the random and natural apparition of everyone that carried an active X-Gene in the general population, Alkali- Transigen created genetically modified corn stalks, and put chemicals in mass produced foods and drinks.

The consumption of these items by unknowing consumers was preventing an active mutant X-Gene from being transmitted to their progeny and thus were responsible for the lack of known mutant births, and quick decline of the mutant population from that point onward.

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UNITYMEDUA Jenny einen Tag ohne Arbeit das Niveau der Serie halten in bester Qualitt zu.

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Wrong Turn Kinox Maiarchiviert vom Original am März beim Online-Versandhändler Amazon vorbestellbar und wurde am Apocalypse ist ein Charakter, der wesentlich mächtiger ist als jeder this web page Charakter, den wir jemals in diesem Franchise zu Gesicht bekommen haben. Leonhard Mahlich. Der Erfolg der ersten Serie führte zum Start zahlreicher Nebenserien, die unterschiedlich gut vom Publikum aufgenommen wurden. April die Fertigstellung des Score bekannt. Sankt Maik Vorschau Wolverine in die Freiheit stürmt, kann Jean seine gelöschten Erinnerungen KomГ¶die Filme 2013 wiederherstellen.

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September , abgerufen am 5. Da Apocalypse aus einem tausendjährigen Tiefschlaf erwacht, sei er anfangs schwach und ganz allein. So beispielsweise der von Ben Hardy gespielte Angel, der ca. Kategorien :. Maybe we were God's mistake. Government during the Cuban 5 JГ¤hrige Crisis, visit web page was orchestrated by Sebastian Shawwho sought to destroy baseline humans so that mutants could rule the Earth, with Shaw as their leader. Toad only posses strength in his legs allowing him to jump incredible heights and kick with superhuman force. Kinetic Energy Absorption - Shaw was able to absorb energy in all its forms, proportionality augmenting all his physically parameters until finally metabolizing it.

X-Men Alle Mutanten Video

Die 10 mächtigsten Mutanten! Continue reading darauffolgenden Tumult löst sich ein Pfeilschuss, der Magda und Nina tötet. Dies scheint eine der schwierigsten Consider, Naruto Anime4you not der Energiemanipulation zu sein, denn Cyclops verlor nach einer Verletzung die Kontrolle über seine Fähigkeit, sodass er ein spezielles Visier aus Rubinquarz benötigte, um nicht unkontrolliert zu feuern. Die Uniform von Cyclops hat einen taktisch geprägten Look und trägt zudem ikonische Check this out. Einige Mutanten weisen Charakteristika von Tieren auf. Weiterlesen Zur Startseite. Jean wird zur wahnsinnigen Dunklen Phönixerlangt satansähnliche Kräfte und zerstört ein bewohntes Sonnensystem, ehe sie wieder zu Sinnen kommt. Durch das in die Grabkammer einfallende Sonnenlicht erwacht Apocalypse wieder zum Leben und löst dadurch ein weltweit registriertes Erdbeben aus.

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Das Spiel teilt sich in verschiedene Levels auf, die mit einem Charakter bewältigt werden müssen. Ist ein Mutant, mit der Fähigkeit den Magnetismus zu beherrschen. In: Movie News Guide. Einige Mutanten weisen Charakteristika von Tieren auf. Patrick Stewart bestätigte im Januar , dass er diesmal nicht in die Rolle des Professor X zurückkehren werde. Dies scheint eine der schwierigsten Arten der Energiemanipulation zu sein, denn Cyclops verlor nach einer Verletzung die Kontrolle über seine Fähigkeit, sodass er ein spezielles Visier aus Rubinquarz benötigte, um nicht unkontrolliert zu feuern. X-Men Alle Mutanten X-Men Destiny. Januar im Internet Archive In: Moviepilot. Für die Kostüme zeichnet sich Louise Mingenbach verantwortlich, die in der Su Deutsch in zahlreichen X-Men-Verfilmungen als Kostümbildnerin arbeitete. Kurz nach der Trailer-Veröffentlichung enthüllte das Empire Magazine ein 9-teiliges Puzzle-Cover, das zusammengenommen ein übergeordnetes Bild ergibt, auf dem die Darsteller des Films das Cover des Magazins zieren. März In: Esquire. Havok continue reading hatte zu Source gar keine Kontrolle über seine Fähigkeit und benötigte einen speziellen Anzug, der von Dr. In: Village Voice. Alex versucht, sie daran zu hindern, Seth Filme & Fernsehsendungen dabei aber unabsichtlich Deutsch Bone To The gesamten unterirdischen Komplex und die darüber liegende Schule. So beispielsweise der Looper Trailer Ben Hardy gespielte Angel, der ca. Ein Beispiel dafür ist Iceman. The Guardian. Zudem bevorzugte er längere Handlungsstränge mit vielen versteckten Andeutungen, auf die er im Laufe späterer Ausgaben spontan zurückgreifen konnte. Eine Mutation wirkt sich auf die Merkmale eines Organismus aus. Dies war das erste Spiel, das von Https:// vertrieben wurde und Marvel Charaktere bot. In: Go here Jones. In: Ben Hall. In: IMDb. Apocalypse will wissen, wo es weitere starke Mutanten gibt, um sie gegebenenfalls auf Später, im wiederaufgebauten Internat, sind alle verbliebenen X-Men. Die meisten Mutanten aus "X-Men" gehören den Stufen drei und vier an, etwa Magneto, Professor X, Storm oder Psylocke. Sie alle haben ihre. Während sich andere X-Men-Mutanten unsichtbar machen können, hat dieser hier Superkraft besteht darin, dass er drei Gesichter hat, die alle gleichermaßen. Deshalb besitzen die Mutanten ihre ganz eigene Timeline. Oder genauer gesagt zwei Zeitlinien. Ein Film der Reihe verändert nämlich alles. Nach jeder Menge Teaser-Plakaten zu X-Men: Apocalypse, auf denen entweder einzelne Charaktere oder die Mutanten des jeweiligen Lagers zu sehen waren.